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The Qi Wireless Car Charger Set is the perfect way to enhance your driving experience for the 21st century. Enjoy a cable-free device charging experience in your car cockpit. You can forget the hassle with charging your mobile device when on the go.

Simply place your phone on the charger – and that’s it! The device remains fully usable while it charges.

The Qi Wireless Car Charger Set comes with the Qi Wireless charging unit and a 2-port USB plug that powers it. The 2-port USB plugs into the car’s lighter socket and allows you even more options for charging other, Qi-incompatible electronic devices.

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Finally, a piece of technology that actually simplifies your life. The Qi Wireless Car Charger is an intuitive, easy to use, cable-free and future-proof way of ensuring your phone stays charged while you drive. Any Qi Wireless compatible device can be easily charged, all while remaining conveniently usable.

The Charging unit sits on a 360 degree rotating head, and allows you to position your device any way you choose for maximum convenience and usability. The charging surface itself is covered in thousands of miniature suction spots, ensuring the total safety of your device, regardless of position.

Qi Wireless Car Charger Features

• Charge your phone and other Qi compatible electronic devices in your vehicle
• Continue to use your device while it charges: make and answer calls, entertain your passengers with music or video, etc.
• 360 degree rotating charging surface allows for maximum convenience and usability
• 9000 individual suction spots per square centimeter ensure complete safety of your device while it charges, even when braking or banking hard
• The Charger utilizes Qi Inductive Charging Technology to charge any compatible device
• The top side diameter of The Qi Wireless Car Charger is 90 mm
• The suitable charging distance is a distance of less than 10 mm
• Included in the package is a tube of 3M industrial strength glue, to make it easy for you to mount the Charger onto any free surface inside your vehicle
• Colour: Silver