We are the leading supplier of wireless chargers within New Zealand, and your one stop source for charging goods and solutions. The passion that drives us forward is the knowledge that wireless charging is the future of handheld devices. With numerous phones already supporting this technology (such as the Samsung S7, Lumia 1520, and the Blackberry Priv) it is clear that QI charging is here to stay. And as more smartphone manufacturers focus on water-proofing their phones they will turn to wireless charging as it means that they no longer have to include USB ports which let in water and damage the device.

For the uninitiated, QI charging (pronounced ‘Chee’ deriving from the Chinese word for ‘natural energy’) works by using electromagnetic induction which allows for a current being produced by the charger to be transmitted and received by the phone/device using it. All that needs to happen is for the phone to be within a small radius of the charger and the current being produced will be channelled into the phone. It is a powerful piece of technology which will likely be implemented into all major phones in the coming years.

The wireless chargers we sell here are compatible with all devices which support QI wireless charging so you don’t have to worry about making sure it will work with your device. We are enthusiastic about this because we consider it to be a must-have feature in all phones, tablets, and smart watches.

At Qi Wireless Charger we are here to ensure that your day runs smoothly by providing practical and accessible solutions to your charging needs. We recognise that one of the most common yet most frustrating problems people often face is that they leave their home with a phone on low battery. This may be because the phone is prone to running out of charge quickly, or maybe they simply forgot to plug it in to charge it. This can be easily solved with one of the many wireless and fast charging products that we have on offer. With wireless charging, the process of filling up the battery for your phone becomes significantly less tiresome as all you need to do is place it on the wireless surface and watch it reach full battery! No longer will you need to deal with cumbersome wires.