The following are the Terms and Conditions of all orders customers place when using

When ordering from, you agree to a contract formed between Qi Wireless Charger and you. This contract confirms your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

All images on have been created to portray our products with the greatest accuracy as possible. Our designs may vary slightly between the images displayed and the final product you receive. These changes are the result of normal design and production fluctuations.

Accepted Methods of Payment

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If you purchase products from Qi Wireless Charger using a credit card, you may complete your transaction with either Visa or MasterCard. Our main payment method is PayPal. When using PayPal, full payment must be provided at the time of ordering your product. This total will also include delivery and other shipping necessities.

Buying Products on Our Website

Delivery charges will be calculated during the checkout process, after you choose your preferred delivery method. These rates will vary depending on your shipping destination.

When purchasing from our website, we will provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date information regarding product availability and pricing. However, these are subject to change. This includes mispricing products and inaccurately displaying our stock availability. We will verify all prices during our acceptance procedure. At this time, we will notify you of any changes to product price and availability. If your product’s corrected price is higher than your purchasing price, you will have the option to continue or suspend the order transaction.

Qi Wireless Charger has the authority to change the price of any product at any time before you place an order. If the product you order is not currently in stock, we will notify you by e-mail. At this point, you will have the option to cancel or continue your order. All product dispatches and deliveries are provided with accurately estimations. However, these are subject to change due to several factors. This includes time for dispatch and/or delivery shall not be of the subject of the contract and will be considered as an estimation only.

Customer Right to Cancel an Order

You can cancel your order with us at any time before your order is shipped. Please note, cancellation requests outside of our business hours will be handled on the next business day. If you order has shipped before notifying us of your cancellation, we will be unable to cancel. This also applies if your order is in transit or you have already taken receipt of it, then you will be unable to cancel this order.

If you wish to cancel your order, please notify our customer service department by email immediately. You will be required to complete a contact form and the reason for your cancellation. Because customer orders are processed quickly, we advise you to notify our customer service department if you wish to cancel your order.

Delayed/Lost Delivery

If you have not received your order within 15 working days of dispatch, please contact Qi Wireless Charger Customer Services immediately. This 15-working day period does not include weekends and public holidays.

In the event of a replacement order being sent to you, all replacement item(s) will be sent to you followed by a non-delivery declaration from which you will need to complete and return.