Cafe Qi Wireless Charger

$NZD 149.00

Delight your customers and keep them in your establishment for longer with the Cafe Qi Wireless Charger. Offer them the convenience of the latest in wireless charging technology while they enjoy your service.

You will be providing added value to your customers, making them want to come in, stay longer and return to you again. All at minimal cost to you and your business.

Each Charger Unit can power up to 5 Qi Wireless Charging Pads, giving you the freedom to configure the perfect setup for your space and needs.

The sturdy, waterproof Pads are designed to be embedded into flat surfaces, such as café and bar tables, and enable cable-free smartphone charging.

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Keeping shoppers inside your premises for longer means more opportunities to sell. We all know this. But how do you even get them to come inside any more, when all they do is stare at their smartphones all day long?

Cafés and restaurants, hotels and retail shops around the world are beginning to understand how to meet these tech-savvy consumers (and their smartphones!) halfway.

Your patrons will love the comfort of simply placing their smartphones onto your new Qi Wireless Charging Pads. You’ll be a very convenient stop for all of them – and for some, you’ll be saving their day. Either way, you will be providing actual added value to your customers at minimal cost to you and your business. Can’t you hear all the positive referrals and read the testimonials already?

Cafe Qi Wireless Charging Pad Specification

  • The Pads utilize Qi Inductive Charging Technology to charge any compatible device
  • The top side diameter of Qi Wireless charging Pad is 90 mm with a thickness of 16.7 mm
  • The bottom side diameter is 60 mm, allowing for easy fit into standard 60mm drill holes
  • The output voltage of the Pad is 5V DC / 1.5A
  • The suitable charging distance is a distance of less than 10mm
  • Each Pad comes with all necessary accessories for fastening into place (fastening plates, screws, nuts)
  • Colour: dark grey

USB 5-Port Charging Unit Specification

  • Dimensions: 132 x 89 x 31.5 mm
  • 5 metre C8 Australian AC power cord included
  • Power supply: 60W
  • Power input: AC 100-240 Volts / 1.5 A / 50-60 Hz
  • The output voltage for the 5 USB Ports is 5V DC / 2.4A
  • Colour: black

Quality and build

  • Patented, Qi certified design
  • The Pads are waterproof and resist damage caused by liquid spillage
  • The Pads are coated with an anti-slip layer, ensuring the safety of devices being charged
  • Shock- and compression-resistant
  • Easily maintained – simply wipe clean
  • Made out of environmentally friendly materials

How to install the Cafe Qi Wireless Charging Pads

The Qi Wireless Charging Pads can be easily embedded into tables, desks and other flat surfaces, from 14mm to 55 mm thick. In order to embed the Charging Pad, a 60 mm diameter hole should be drilled into the surface.

The Qi Wireless Charging Pads can also be placed on top of the surface and fastened using the supplied accessories, without any drilling.

The Qi Wireless USB 5-Port Charging Unit’s small size enables you to place it in a convenient location. We recommend you fasten or otherwise secure it under the same surface where the Pads are embedded.

How to charge your devices with the Cafe Qi Wireless Charger

Simply place your Qi wireless compliant device on the Qi Wireless Fast Desk Charger. The charging process will begin automatically. Qi Wireless Fast Desk Charger is compatible with all Qi supported mobile devices including Samsung, LG and other major smartphone manufacturers.

Apple and legacy devices can also be charged if they are equipped with a Qi Wireless charging receiver.

Where can you use the Cafe Qi Wireless Charger

The Cafe Qi Wireless Charger is a great addition to any commercial or public space where people gather:

  • Cafés
  • Restaurants
  • Hairdressers
  • Beauty Parlours
  • Boutiques
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Libraries
  • Airports
  • Bus Stations
  • Railway Stations