Long range 30mm wireless charger

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With the Invisible Long-Distance Charger, you can effortlessly charge any Qi-enabled device through surfaces up to 30mm thick, including wood, MDF, glass, and marble.

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If you’re looking for a wireless charging solution that won’t damage your surfaces, the Invisible Long-Distance Desk Charger is the perfect choice. It is designed to charge your Qi-compatible devices through almost any flat surface, including wood, MDF, acrylic, glass, and even stone kitchen countertops or conference tables.

The Invisible Long-Distance Desk Charger is a sleek and practical wireless charging solution that can be installed underneath almost any flat surface. The Qi wireless charger, charges your Qi-enabled devices through the surface, keeping your work surfaces clean and clutter-free. You can use it with a variety of materials, including wood, MDF, acrylic, glass, and stone, without causing any damage or modification to the surface.

Key Features

Qi wireless charging – works with all Qi compatible devices

Charging distance – charge distance is between 15 to 30mm.

Suitable for wood, MDF, marble, glass, acrylic surfaces – the wireless charging works through most materials found in modern homes and offices

Technical Specifications

  • Power input: 12V, 1.5A
  • Wireless output – 10W
  • Charging distance – 13-30mm (coil to coil)
  • Product size – 112 * 12mm