Qi Wireless round fabric charging pad

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The Qi-D010 Qi Wireless Charging Pad will easily charge any Qi Wireless enabled device. The high quality, handmade fabric top comes in four colour variants (turquoise, cerulean, pearl and maroon). The pad itself is safely enveloped in an aluminium alloy body.

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Wireless device charging with true style

The Qi-D010 is a truly elegant Qi wireless charging pad for the fashion connoisseur.

The device is designed to sit comfortably in plain sight, as it not only provides great utility but is also a style and design statement.

There’s no reason why charging your phone must be a messy, tangled affair full of frayed USB cables. What’s more, with the advent of Qi Wireless technology and device charging, you’re able to both forget about the pesky cables, as well as make an interior design statement with the Qi-D010 Qi Wireless Charging Pad.

It’s ultra-slim, minimal design will provide technological utility and an elegant dash of colour to your office, living room – or commercial space, such as a cafe.

The Qi-D010 Qi Wireless Charging Pad communicates with you using a coloured LED indicator. It will signal that charging is in progress, as well as when it’s done. The LED indicator will also let you know if the device detects any sort of anomaly, such as if the phone is moved too far away from the optimal charging position, or if the atmospheric temperature becomes too high for efficient charging.

The package includes a mains-powered wall charger, which will provide the power to your new device. The wall charger adheres to all relevant New Zealand safety and sustainability standards and safeguards, while providing optimal power supply to your device.

Key Features

Qi wireless charging – Compatible devices will be wirelessly charged.

Handmade high quality fabric pad – with four colour variants to choose from (turquoise, cerulean, pearl and maroon), and a diameter of 108mm, it will easily fit and charge any Qi Wireless device.

Ultra-slim, ultra-durable aluminium alloy body – designed to complement the sophisticated fabric of the pad, for that high-end tech look, but also to keep the circuitry inside perfectly safe.

Sophisticated design and tech – Finely crafted, safe and reliable, with 5V voltage supply. It will declutter your workspace and provide a high-end element for interior design.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Input: DC 5V 2A, 9V 1.8A
  • Wireless Output: 5W/7.5W/10W Max
  • Charging frequency: 110~205KHz
  • Charging efficiency: ≥75%
  • Charging distance: ≤10mm (3.5mm optimum)
  • Product size: Φ108*6.5mm

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Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red