Qi wireless sterilizer charger

$NZD 45.00

The Qi-S145 combines a sterilization chamber with a Qi wireless phone charger. The sterilizer kills viruses and bacteria on your phone or other small items during the 8-minute, all-round disinfection and sterilization process. For devices without Qi wireless, a USB-C charging connector is available.

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Your own UV light sterilization chamber and Qi wireless phone charger

The Qi-S145 is a product purposefully built for these trying times. It combines a sterilization chamber powered by three UV lamps with a Qi wireless phone charger – all in a stylish, lightweight casing. 

The sterilization chamber fits much more than just a phone! It’s perfectly suited for sterilizing and keeping various objects and small household items bacteria-free: your car keys, jewelry, cutlery, etc.

According to various studies, your phone harbors close to 20,000 distinct types of bacteria at any time. It is thus a good idea to sterilize it occasionally. However, wiping it down with alcohol isn’t really an option. That’s why the Qi-S145 has three UV lamps using the 253nm wavelength which is perfect for killing off all bacteria and viruses within minutes. The light is completely harmless to your electronic devices, but deadly to microorganisms.

It takes all of eight minutes for the UV lamps inside the device to destroy the potentially deadly bacteria and viruses. The UV lamps are positioned in such a way as to provide 360 degree, all-round disinfection and sterilization of the item placed inside the case. 

As an added benefit, the Qi wireless phone charger will charge compatible phones wirelessly, while they’re being sterilized! For phones without this function, a USB-C charging connector is available inside the case.

The package includes a mains-powered wall charger, which will provide the power to your new Qi-S145 sterilizer. The wall charger adheres to all relevant New Zealand safety and sustainability standards and safeguards, while providing optimal power supply to your device

Key Features

UV Sterilizer function – Three UV lamps, positioned on two sides and bottom, with all-round ultraviolet, 360 degree disinfection and sterilization without blind angles kill off any bacteria or virus.

Qi wireless and USB-C device charging – Compatible devices will be wirelessly charged while they are being sanitized

Multipurpose sterilizator – many personal and household items can fit inside the sterilization chamber and benefit from UV sterilization. This is especially useful for those items that can’t be subjected to harsh chemical disinfection due to their composition:

  • wristwatches
  • wallets
  • silver or other cutlery
  • writing implements
  • small electronic devices
  • jewelry
  • glasses
  • keys

Stylish and potable – Exquisitely crafted, portable, safe and reliable, with 5V voltage supply. Carry it with you in your purse or backpack easily.

Easy to operate – One-Button touch switch with disinfection LED status indicator, as well as start-end audio cues.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Input: DC5V 2A,9V 2A
  • Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7nm
  • Disinfection power: 3W
  • Wireless Output: 10W Max
  • Product size: 217x125x58mm 
  • Product inner size: 195x105x33mm