Long range Qi wireless charger 50mm

$NZD 165.00

The Invisible long distance charger will easily charge any Qi Wireless enabled device through up to 33 mm thick surfaces. It will work through wood, MDF, glass and even marble surfaces. The design is minimalistic and polished, in a waterproofed case.

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Keep your surfaces clean and intact with this Invisible long distance desk charger. It’s a Qi wireless charging solution that will provide maximum power to your devices while remaining completely out of sight.

The charger is installed on the underside of almost any flat surface and charges your device through it.

The Invisible long distance desk charger is designed for surfaces that must remain intact, but still provide wireless device charging for your Qi wireless compatible devices.

Most household and office furniture materials are suitable for installation, keeping the thickness requirement in mind. Installing the Invisible long distance desk charger is easy and there’s no permanent modification to the surface. The charger comes with a mount that is attached underneath the chosen spot. The charger itself then easily clicks into place.

The invisible long distance desk charger is a fantastic feature for frequently used work surfaces. Wood, MDF, acrylic, glass and even stone kitchen countertops, work desks or conference tables are all suitable. The charger comes with an indicator sticker that you can paste onto the surface to help you place your phone in the correct position.

The package comes with a mains-powered wall charger, which will provide the power to your new device. The wall charger adheres to all relevant New Zealand safety and sustainability standards and safeguards, while providing optimal power supply to your device.

Key Features

Qi wireless charging – Compatible devices will be wirelessly charged.

Works with up to 50mm thick surfaces – keep surfaces intact, clean and available for other uses, while always having wireless charging available when you need it.

Easy installation – easily installed and removed from its dedicated mount

Suitable for wood, MDF, marble, glass, acrylic surfaces – the wireless charging works through most materials found in modern homes and offices.

Waterproof, ultra-durable body – keeps the circuitry inside perfectly safe and is easily concealed.

Sophisticated design and tech – Finely crafted, safe and reliable. It will declutter your workspace and provide a high-end element for interior design.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Input: 20V 1A
  • Wireless Output: 10W/7.5W/5W
  • Charging distance: 50mm (coil to coil)
  • Charging Area: φ20mm
  • Working Frequency 125-135kHz
  • Product size: 186x114x2.13mm
  • Protection FOD, OTP,OVP,OCP